Below we list the names of some projects being developed by group members.

  1. Cycling in Sao Paulo city: impacts of air pollution and physical exercise interface on health outcomes
  2. Diversity of emerging and neglected disease-causing agents in the Paraíba Valley and North Coast region of São Paulo State.
  3. Climate change in basic education: educating and evaluating.
  4. Development and validation of the Sustainable Food Systems score in Brazilian states
  5. Drops of Planetary Health: a series of short videos to spread the word on Planetary Health.
  6. Epidemiology, genetics and landscape interfaces for arboviral diseases research through cutting-edge technology under planetary scenarios of rising environmental impacts.
  7. Evaluation of the Brazilian diet and its relationship with nutrition, health and the environment
  8. Extreme events of air temperature and their relation with the mortality of elderly people in the city of São Paulo
  9. Study of relations between health problems caused by synanthropic animals and people with hoarding disorder
  10. The Planetary Health EAT-Lancet diet: adherence, association with cardiometabolic risk factors and environmental sustainability of agriculture in Brazil
  11. Translating the Planetary Health Report to Portuguese and Spanish.
  12. Use of machine learning techniques for classification in digital images aiming at the recognition of potential urban areas for the development of Aedes aegypti breeding sites
  13. Using marmosets as yellow fever bioindicators